Previous Winners - Monthly Competition
Snoot Lighting : December - 2017
By: Brad Pryde‎
By: Сергей Вердеревский‎
By: Jason Isley‎
Mating : November - 2016
By: Gianni Colucci‎
By: Fu Liang‎
By: Dennis Corpuz‎
Fish Portrait : October - 2016
By: Kenji Cheow‎
By: Yury Ivanov‎
By: Ruggero Pastorino‎
Colour Green : September - 2016
By: Katherine Lu‎
By: Violet Ting‎
By: George Low‎
Cuttlefish, Octopus or Squid : August - 2016
By: Jones Wayne‎
By: Dennis Corpuz‎
By: Chandy de Wit
Current Theme

October : Nudibranch

Single Nudibranch only and nothing else, no shrimp on Nudi etc

Upcoming Theme
Month Theme
2017 November Juvenile Fish
2017 December Snoot Lighting
2018 January Creative Lighting
2018 February Face-on Portrait
2018 March Abstract / Pattern
Photo of the week
By:  ManBd UiDive
Week No 42  :  16 Oct 2017
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